7 Tips to Stay Healthy on Long Flights

Although many people don’t know it, long flights can have adverse effects on your health. Whether you are healthy or not, air travel of anything from two hours can make you ill. You may catch a bug from a fellow traveler, the air pressure in the plane may slow down your circulation which can cause thrombosis, you may suffer motion sickness and several other symptoms. There are a number of ways that you can combat this; use the following tips to stay healthy on long flights.

1. If you can afford it, upgrade your ticket especially if you have frequent flier miles. The extra legroom and recliners mean that you will not be so cramped.

2. Many people think that a long flight is perfect because they can catch up with work. What they don’t understand is that this only increases their stress levels. Use your time in the air watching movies or catching up with your favorite author. If you are traveling for work and you have something that must be ready by the time you arrive try and do it in the office before you fly so that your flight can remain work-free.

3. If you feel something coming on it is better that you postpone your travel. Not only do you carry the risk of infecting other passengers, you also might get much worse because of the conditions on the plane – cramping, air conditioning, low pressure and so on.

4. If you feel something coming on but you really must travel get treated first and make sure to take your prescribed medications with you. Make sure to carry your medications in your carry on; should you lose your luggage you will still have your pills.

5. Rest before you board your plane. The time before travel is usually a very busy one – there is so much to take care of before you leave. As you plan your trip make sure to leave some free time in advance of your flight to just relax. Also, get to the airport in time so that you can avoid the stress of the rush.

6. Long flights are a perfect way to catch up with your sleep especially if you usually have very busy days. If you cannot fall asleep naturally take a sleeping aid.

Insanity Workout UK7. Last and very important, make sure to drink a lot of water before and during your flight. Plane cabins have low pressure which increases the risk of dehydration. When your body is dehydrated you have a greater chance of catching something. Alcohol also increases the risk of dehydration so avoid it the day before you fly and also during the flight. If you take weight loss pills like garcinia cambogia, you should stop a few days before you fly, because it can give you diarrhea.

These 7 tips should keep you healthy every time you fly.